Sunny is emailing her friend James. Fill in the boxes. Use some of these words. There is one extra.

fascinating      busy      talkative      written      annoying      embarrassed
 especially      nervous      excited

Hi James,

Sorry that I haven't for a while. But it's just four weeks into school and I'm already really . So far, so good, though. I like my roommate, Emily. She is really , so sometimes she's a little , but she's really nice, so I think we'll get along fine. I like my classes, my art history class. It's really . We have our first test next week so I'm a little .

Guess what? I joined the rock-climbing club. I'm really . We're going to climb Mt. Hood next weekend.

Well, that's all for now. Take care and write when you have time.



Answer Key: (Move your cursor over the box to check your answers.)


Write an email or a letter to a friend. Talk about your life. Use some of these words:

interesting       excited about      disappointed       looking forward to