Hiro is traveling in India. He wrote a postcard to his friend.
Fill in the boxes. There is one extra word.

one of     giant      boring       delicious      peaceful      wish
tomorrow      beautiful      many

Dear Heather,

Having a great time here in Delhi. The food is , the shopping is great, and there are so fascinating things to see. Yesterday I visited a really cool place just outside the city. It's called the Lotus Temple. The building is shaped just like a lotus flower. It's the most places I've ever been. Also one of the most I've seen-- especially at sunset! Fantastic! Going to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. you were here!

See you soon,



Answer Key: (Move your cursor over the box to check your answers.)

Think of a place where you have been. Write a postcard to a friend. Use some of these words:

beautiful       interesting      most       cool      fantastic