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Fill in the boxes. Use some of these words. There is one extra.

screamed     jumping      played      greatest       excitement      finished
started      stood      

I just went to the raindrops concert at the Sky Palace. It was great! They with their old songs and did a great job on "Why,Why,Why?" Everybody up at the beginning and we didn't sit down until they were . People were dancing and up and down. There was so much energy! The band was full of energy, too.

They for two hours and then they did about fifteen minutes of encores. They didn't do my favorite song, "Alone," and that was kind of disappointing. They closed with "More Than A Heart" and we all just stood there quietly when the song finished. Then, of course, we all and clapped for ten minutes. It was the concert I've ever seen.



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Write about a concert you went to or something you saw or read. Use some of these words:

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