Justin writes in his journal a few days a week. Here's his latest entry. He describes a bad day he had.
Fill in the boxes. There is one extra word.

when     finally      because      tired       then      so
 supposed      why      because      

May 8

Yesterday was a terrible day. I overslept I didn't hear the alarm. , because I missed my bus I had to take a taxi to work. That cost $25.00 (Ouch!). Of course, my boss was mad I was late. At noon, I had to finish writing a report, I couldn't have lunch with Allen (I hate to break appointments!). In the evening, I was to have dinner and go to a concert with Shawn. She never showed up. I got home, I was
, hungry, and just burned out. And there was a message on my voice mail from Shawn. It said she was breaking up with me. What a lousy day!



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Write about abad day you have had. Use some of these words:

because       when      couldn't       then      so        supposed to