Min Jung did a homestay in the United States. She wrote a report about it.
Fill in the boxes. There is one extra word.

time     life           room       houses      suburbs        accurate      mansions

When I first arrived in the States I had a pretty inaccurate picture of there. For example, I thought that American would be huge. That's not really . Of course, some people who live in the and country have a lot of space, and a few rich people do live in large . But my homestay family's house wasn't that big. I did have my own , though.

I had a great and I can't wait to go back. My family wants me to visit them again next year.


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Think about your country. Choose one of these topics: lifestyle, food, people.

What images do people have? Are those images accurate?

Write a paragraph explaining your ideas. Use some of these words:

inaccurate       many      some      a few