Justin's family is having a family reunion. He's making a video about his father. This is his script for the video.
Fill in the boxes. Use some of these words. There is one extra.

liked     worked      was      got       majored      helped
 joined      grew up      went         

My dad on a farm. When he was young, he helped his father with the farm work. Later, when he in high school, he in a supermarket after school to earn money for college. After high school he went on to the university where he in journalism. After graduating from college, he the Peace Corps. He went to Pakistan as an English teacher. He really teaching and decided to make it his career. So he back to graduate school and his degree in teaching English. He has been teaching English ever since. He likes it a lot.


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Write a paragraph about a family member or friend. Use some of these words:

graduated       went      grew up     worked