Sunny is writing to James about her plans.
Fill in the boxes. Use some of these words. There is one extra.

looking forward to    check it out     hope      worry       want to go     
be in town       can't wait for     do me a favor     supposed to get in         

Hi James,

Classes are almost finished. I summer vacation. I'm really seeing you and everyone else again.

I wonder if you could    . Could you meet me at the airport on the 22nd? My flight (SW203) is at 4:15. I saw on the Internet that the International Circus will while I'm there. I've heard it is great. Do you ? Let me know and I'll try to book tickets. I we can still get good seats. And, hey, you were telling me about that new Thai restaurant. Let's when I'm there. How does that sound?

See you soon,
Sunny :-)


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Write to a friend. Suggest some plans. Use some of these words:

looking forward to      supposed to     let's      hope