Min Jung is writing a note to her student advisor.
Fill in the boxes. There is one extra word.

advice     wait     worry       complaining     upset
especially       planning     follow     decision        

Dear Gillian,

Can I make an appointment to see you? I need some about a family matter. As you know, I was accepted at a university in Canada. I'm to start next September, but my parents don't agree with my . They want me to stay in Korea.

I'm an only child, and they about me a lot -- my father. I'm not . I really love my parents and I'm glad they're concerned about me. But I really want to my dream!

I'm so now. I can't sleep or study or anything. Can you give me some advice? Please let me know when I can come to talk with you.

Min Jung


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Write a letter to Min Jung. Give her some advice. Use some of these words:

discuss      listen     ask    tell     try     think about    together