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  1. A: Do you have (any / a ) black leather jackets?
    B: Yes, we have over here. What's your size?
  2. A: I'm looking for blue jeans.
    B: We have over there.
  3. A: Do you have striped shirts?
    B: Yes, we do. There are right here.

  4.       What color would you like?
  5. A: I'm looking for blue cotton shorts.
          Do you have ?
    B: Blue cotton shorts? No, we don't have .
  1. These are made of denim and you wear them on your legs. jeans
  2. You wear this around the top of your pants.
  3. You wear these on your feets.
  4. In the summer, you work out in these.
  5. Women wear these.

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