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  1. cleans never his room Jin on weekends
    Jin never cleans his room on weekends.
  2. Saturdays on Kate dancing goes sometimes
    sometimes .
  3. after are hungry they school usually
    usually .
  4. Mari late is for class ever hardly
    hardly ever .
  5. always in class I am sleepy
    always .
  6. cooks on usually Sunday she night dinner
    usually .
A Do you want to go to the movies on Friday night?
B Sorry, I always video games with my friends on Fridays.
A OK. How about Saturday? Do you want to karaoke?
B I can't. I always out to dinner with my roommates on Saturdays.
A Well, do you want to shopping on Sunday afternoon?
B I'm sorry. I soccer every Sunday at 2:00.
A What about Sunday night? Do you want to dancing?
B Sunday night? I usually cards with my family.
A You're really busy!
B Sorry.


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