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  1. A: I'm going shopping. What do we need?
    B: Let's see. How many onions do we have?
  2. A: We only have . I'll get some more.
    B: How coffee do we have?
  3. A: There is . Do you want some more?
    B: Yes. How rice is there?
  4. A: We have . I'll get another bag.
    B: Oh. How about bananas? How do we have?
  5. A: We have . Let's get another bunch.
    I eat them every day.
    B: You're so healthy!
  1. mangoes      bananas      spicy      apples
  2. corn      mushrooms      onions      breakfast
  3. soda      chicken      coffee      tea
  4. bread      plates      cups      napkins
  5. chicken      ice cream      sausage      fish
  6. breakfast      lunch      dinner      salad

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