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  1. The department store is across from the hotel. (map 1)
  2. There's a video store the music store and the hotel. (map 1)
  3. The bakery is Burger Inn (map 2)
  4. The theater is the corner. (map 3)
  5. The bookstore is the stationery store. (map 4)
  6. The stationery store is the shoe store and the bookstore. (map 4)
  7. The park is the bank and the supermarket. (map 5)
1. electronics store You watch movies or plays here.
2. stationery store You have a picnic, go for a walk, or play soccer here.
3. hospital 1 You buy stereos, MP3 players, or televisions here.
4. post office You buy food here.
5. supermarket You go here when you are sick.
6. park You send a letter or buy stamps here.
7. theater You buy paper, envelopes, and folders here.

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