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  1. A: What are you going to do after graduation?
    B: I'm not sure. Maybe, I ( will / might ) travel around South America.
  2. A: What are you going to do this summer?
    B: I ( am going to / might ) go to Europe. I bought my plane ticket yesterday.
  3. A: What are Eric's plans for next year?
    B: He ( is going to / might ) finish university in June. After that, he's not sure.
    He ( will / might ) work for his dad's company.
  4. A: Are Yuki and Hiro going to get married?
    B: I'm not sure. Maybe, he ( might / will ) ask her this year.
  1. Ming is going to live . She's going to study in New York for a year.
  2. In Australia, you can when you're 21.
  3. I want to . Maybe, I'll take a Spanish class.
  4. Tae Woo runs every day. His dream is to at the Olympics.

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