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  1. I couldn't speak English when I was three.
  2. Presidents talk on television when they want to.
  3. you sing a song in English? Sing it now.
  4. Ken went to school when he was four. He say the alphabet when he was three.
  5. Sharon is a rock musician. She play the guitar very well.
  6. I use the internet last night. My computer didn't work.
  7. Most people name all the countries in the world.
  8. In the past, many people swim. They didn't learn swimming as children.
  1. Marco swims very well. He goes to the pool every day.
  2. I can't math well. I don't understand this problem.
  3. Todd can the piano. He is really good!
  4. We the internet every day.
  5. Chen can five languages. His native language is Mandarin.
  6. Young Ho many karaoke songs with his friends every weekend.

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