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  1. JinKyong was sur ng dating web sites. Tony's introduction interested her.
1. Read his introduction. Guess the missing words.



Hi, let me introduce myself. I'm half Italian and
American. I'm 22 years old and single. I graduated from a
U.S. university last year, and I am now a
professional in the IT world.
My are listening to live music, especially
jazz, going to the theater and dining in the country's
restaurants. Of course, I don't ,
and I exercise each day to stay in shape.
I enjoy being with and strongly believe men should play a bigger
role in helping children.
Unfortunately, my salary is a little too much for me to spend . If you
are willing to help me spend it and have some free time, let's start
time together. I'm waiting for your .

  Listen and check your answers.
  2. Answer the questions about the story.
1. 1. True or false? Tony is a student.
1. 2. Do you think Tony's message is completely true? Which things seem too good to be true?
1. 3. One of these people really wrote the letter. Who do you think it was? Why?


3. YOUR STORY Write your own introduction. For fun, use a little imagination!
1. Follow up. Cover or cut o your name. Give your introduction to your teacher. Read someone else's introduction. 1. Ask classmates questions to gure out who wrote it.