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1. Max, Kari, and Jed participated in a special project. Read about it. Guess the missing words.




Have you heard about Buy Nothing Day? It’s at the end of November.
It is a time to think less about “buying and owning things” and to think
more about life, , and the planet. You try to go the whole
day buying anything. We all did it last year. We
about twenty- ve dollars.

But we didn’t there. We heard about micro- nance from our . Micro- nance gives small loans to very people. This loan helps them start or build a . Our teacher told us about, a web site that helps people like us make micro-loans. We loaned the money we saved to a woman named Rosemond in Ghana, Africa. She a small phone company. She rents out her mobile phone. The loan helped her buy more phones. She paid the loan back in less than a . Our loan helped change her life. We really made a .

  Complete the sentences. Use these words. There are 2 extra. 

Listen and check your answers.

  2. Answer the questions about the story.
1. 1. True or false? The purpose of Buy Nothing Day is to save money.
1. 2. Is the money given to the woman in Africa a gift?
1. 3. Would you like to take part in Buy Nothing Day? Why or why not?

3. YOUR STORY Write about your own spending.
Keep a record for 3 days. Write what you bought.
Include where you bought it.

Follow up. Work in groups of 3. What day did
you spend the most? Figure out the average
amount you spent each day. Imagine your group
did Buy Nothing Day. How much would you save?