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  1. Ben is a student in Canada. Read about his family. Guess the missing words.



I recently read about the world's largest . They are Jim Bob and Michelle
Duggar. And their children! Wow. So many kids. And — get this! — all
the kids' names start with “J.” The family drinks liters of milk a day. And
they do laundry times a month.
My family isn't so . Just my two parents and an older brother and sister. My
mother is a bank clerk. She is a good , so I love talking to her. My dad
works for a newspaper. My lives with us, too. She used to be a teacher.
And — big bonus for me — she's a great cook.
My older is named Tom. After university, he
moved to Brazil. He teaches English there. My sister, Taylor,
went abroad after university, too. She to
Italy. Next year, she's going to marry an Italian guy. So it's
just me at home now.
Maybe I'll get married and have a large
family. But eighteen kids — no way!

  Listen and check your answers.
  2. Answer the questions about the story.
1. 1. True or false? There are twenty people in the Duggar family.
1. 2. How many countries do Ben's family members live in?
1. 3. What would be good about living in a very large family? What would be bad?


3. YOUR STORY Ben made a mind map to explain his family. Make a mind map about your family.
1. Then write about your family.

1. Follow up. Work with a partner. Look at your partner's mind map.
1. Talk about your partner's family. Do you understand your partner's mind map?