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  1. Chelsea has been studying in the U.S. She will soon return to Australia. She is having a farewell
ppparty. Read the invitation. Guess the missing words.




My Farewell Party
DAY: Friday evening
TIME: 7 P.M.
PLACE: Chelsea’s apartment

Soon I will to Australia, so I'm having a farewell party. I hope you can . There will be lots of food and great music, but please

It's easy to get to my place by subway. the N train to Canal Street Station. When you get of the station, walk west Canal Street past the Citibank building. Go two to Greene Street. right.
My apartment building is a red brick building. It's on the side of the street. You can't it.

I'm going to miss all of you, so I really hope you can come.
Here are some photos of the great times we've had this past year!
- Chelsea

  Complete the sentences. Use these words. There are 2 extra.

Listen and check your answers.

  2. Answer the questions about the story.
1. 1. True or false? Chelsea’s party will be at the “Farewell Restaurant.”
1. 2. Did Chelsea study abroad in a small or big city?
1. 3. If you went to Chelsea’s party, what would you take with you?


3. YOUR STORY Write directions from your school to one of your favorite places.

Follow up. Work with a partner.
Read your partner’s directions.
Draw a map to his or her favorite place.