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  1. KyungSoon joined an online social network. Read her profi le. Guess the missing words.



Hi, I'm KyungSoon. I'm Korean. I was in Daegu nineteen years
ago. Have you ever been to Daegu? It is the fourth largest city in South
Korea. But I remember a lot about Daegu because when I was
ve, my family to Seoul, the capital. That's I grew up.
I grew up with my mom, dad, and two brothers. I went to school with my
brothers I nished junior high school.
I entered high school when I was fteen years old and
last year. In high school, I was very in the tennis club, and I also
sang in the chorus. My best subject was English, and my
was history.
I'm in college now. Last summer, I went on a study-tour to Australia. I
especially enjoyed the style of the people and the great
weather. Everyone was really kind, and the group I went with had a great .
  Complete the sentences. Use these words. There are 2 extra.
  Listen and check your answers.
  2. Answer the questions about the story.
1. 1. How many people are in KyungSoon's family?
1. 2. What does she think about Australian people?
1. 3. What kind of person is she? Would you like to meet her?


3. YOUR STORY Write your own pro le. What will you include in your pro le?
1. Use KyungSoon's story as a model.

1. Follow up. Work with a partner. Read what your partner wrote. Ask or write at least 3 questions.