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1. Gratitude means saying “thank you.” Read this gratitude letter. Marc wrote it to the principal of his
high school. Guess the missing words.





Dear Principal Stephens,

This is a gratitude letter. I want to say thank you for the huge
di erence you made in my many years ago.

Back in 1970, I was a at Lincoln High. You were the
principal. One day, you called me into your . I remember
feeling scared! However, you just wanted to give me some advice. You
said, “Marc, you should think about being a . ” This was the
rst time anyone ever told me that.

So I took a child development class, and when I was a senior, I spent time
at an elementary school as a teacher’s aide. After that, I went to university and majored in education.

One thing leads to another, and now, many years later, I’m a _ at a university in Japan. I write textbooks and lead teacher workshops around the . I am one of those people whose job touches people’s lives.

And I owe this to you. You were the one who aimed me in this .
For that, I want to say .

Marc Helgesen

  Complete the sentences. Use these words. There are 2 extra. 

Listen and check your answers.

  2. Answer the questions about the story.
1. 1. True or false? Marc lives in his hometown.
1. 2. Who suggested Marc become a teacher?
1. 3. If you were going to write a gratitude letter, who would you write it to? Why?

3. YOUR STORY Who has really helped you?
Write this person a gratitude letter.
Use Marc’s letter as a model.

Follow up. Work with a partner.
Read what your partner wrote.
Ask if your partner will mail the letter.
Ask 2 more questions about the letter.