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  1. Read about these families. Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box. 1 There are 2 extra.


  This is Todd and his family from Australia. There are people in my family. There is my grandmother, my mother, and me. My mum in an office in the city. My works too. She teaches aerobics!  
This is Maria and her family from Mexico. My family is big. My father, Angel, is fty-eight and my mother is fty-two. Her name is Pilar. I have three and one brother. My writes software. Our son, Rafael, goes to elementary school. My sister and her husband have two daughters, three and four. They don't go to school yet. They're lucky. They just play all day.
  Listen and check your answers.
  2. YOUR STORY Who is in your family? What do they do? Think about your family.
1. Write about your family.