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  1. Read about Dr. Black Jack. Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box.
1. There are 2 extra.




This is Dr. Black Jack. I am the mysterious Dr. Black Jack. I fi rst appeared in a comic over thirty years ago. Now my comics and movies are in English. People can them in many countries. I had no parents, and when I was a child I had a bad . This is one reason I to become a doctor. After I became a doctor, I my doctor's license. But I still do operations. I have great . My operations are very expensive for some , but free for others. If I operate on you, how much will you have to ?
  Listen and check your answers.
  2. Answer the questions about the story.
1. 1. True or false? Dr. Black Jack is good at doing operations.
1. 2. Why did Black Jack become a doctor?
1. 3. Why do you think Dr. Black Jack's operations are expensive for some people and cheap for others?


3. YOUR STORY What comics or books do you read? Do they have interesting characters?
1. Think about them. Write about them.