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  1. Read about Didem and Johnny. Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box.
1. There are 2 extra.


  This is Didem from Turkey. When my Canadian friend came over to , we went to many coff ee shops. We enjoyed about Canada and Turkey. She's an artist. She me a beautiful oil painting she had painted of the Canadian mountains. On our last day I gave her this Turkish coffee grinder. It's from brass. It will remind her of Turkey.  
  This is Johnny from Ireland. I studied in Japan last year. This is a “hanko.” It's a name stamp made from . My homestay family gave it to me. There are two Chinese characters on my hanko. In Japanese, the first character means “ _ ,“ and its reading is “jo.” The reading of the other character is “ni,” and it “two.” So together the characters read “Johnny,” and the meaning is “two castles.” It's . It reminds me of my visit to two castles in Sendai and Morioka.  
  Listen and check your answers.
  2. Answer the questions about the story.
1. 1. What three gifts are mentioned?
1. 2. Who gave the gifts?
1. 3. What thing from your area is a good gift for a visitor.


3. YOUR STORY Do you sometimes give gifts? Did you receive a special gift? Think about it.
1. Write about it.