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  1. Read about Yuka and Misako. Complete the sentences. Use the words from the box.
1. There are 2 extra.


  TThis is Yuka and Misako from Japan. Next summer we are going to an international housing project. This housing project good, strong houses for people around the world. Our
told us about it. We the idea, so we are going to go to Fiji for two weeks in . We will need English because it's an international . We are really looking forward to doing useful in our summer vacation. Our life aim is to build over 100 houses in many diff erent countries the world.
  Listen and check your answers.
  2. Answer the questions about the story.
1. 1. What is Yuka and Misako's goal?
1. 2. How long do they have for this goal?
1. 3. Yuka and Misako are volunteers. What volunteer jobs do you know about?


3. YOUR STORY Do you have a life goal? Think about it. Is it big or small?
1. Write about it.